Beryl Wiltshire Scholarship for Study Towards a Career in the Caring Profession

Download flyer here to apply

Beryl Wiltshire AM was a highly respected leader in welfare and community
work in Australia especially during her long and distinguished career with
Churches of Christ Care. She was also Queensland Mother of the Year and
received the Order of Australia for service in the field of social welfare on
Australia day 1996.

She was a friend, counselor, and mentor, to any who were in need and sought
her help and advice. Beryl had a particular talent for identifying the potential in
people and quietly assisted many with funding for their education and training
to get them started in their career. This scholarship continues the tradition she
established and is designed to meet the tuition and associated costs of a person
or persons who wish to embark on a career of service within the social, welfare,
human services, and caring sector.

An annual sum of $5,000 is available to fund one or more scholarships for study
towards a qualification at any educational or training organization which may
lead to a career in the caring profession. The scholarship is open to persons of
all ages and there are no conditions for candidacy.

Candidates should outline the nature of the career they wish to pursue, their
motivation for undertaking study towards the relevant qualification, the course
they wish to undertake towards this career, and give details of the likely annual
tuition and associated costs ( fees, books, equipment etc). Please complete the
form here

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